Executive Director’s Message

It gives me profound pleasure to welcome you to L’école Mondiale.

The school, building upon the its history of 76 years in the education sector, aims to provide an environment where its pupils will be crafted into intelligent inquirers, possessing a fervent desire to acquire knowledge and carrying strong moral and ethical values in line with the teachings of Islam.

The first IB candidate school in Pakistan, with its curriculum based on true Islamic values and an emphasis on high quality education in all areas.

L’école Mondiale offers a caring and supportive environment where your child will feel safe and cared for. With an excellent student-teacher ratio our experienced staff can develop a strong bond with each child, making the learning process a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Our current campus is designed as a custom-built school with all major facilities. The school has large, illuminated classrooms, well equipped science, computer and robotics labs and an abundantly stocked library with comfortable and inspiring reading areas. The campus has a cafeteria for lunch, a wading pool for preschoolers and a swimming pool, a rope and adventure play area, a small athletics practice area and provision for basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis and a roof top futsal. The campus has VRF central air-conditioning in classrooms and complies with fire safety standards with a fire alarm system and sprinklers throughout the whole school.
We are committed to focusing on development of the overall personality of our students both in and out of the school. We value the concept of respect and tolerance for others and instill these principles in our students from the very early years.
On behalf of L’école Mondiale, I invite you to explore our website and look forward to meeting you soon personally.

Khawaja Muhammad Asim

Executive Director