L’école Mondiale offers an opportunity to memorise the word of Allah along with tajweed rules and azkaar, under the guidance of experienced teachers in a quality environment. It’s a three-year program starting at the age of 9 years.

The hufaaz to be, not only memorise Quran during this period but are also given exposure to different disciplines, for example, English, Urdu, Mathematics, and Science. We intend to put our sincere efforts into their upbringing so they become walking examples of true Muslims through their conduct, manners and values.

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We know how to make learning relevant at all levels.

Early Year School

Fostering Play-Based Programmes

Primary School

Making It Relevant – Helping Students Connect Their Studies to the World Today


The Hifz Program aims for serious students to complete Hifz al-Qur’an according to the tenets of tajweed and tarteel.


IGCSE is a curriculum developed by Cambridge for 14 to 16 year olds and is the international equivalent of the O Level.